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Let the criticism begin!

For the last 4 months I have been receiving emails from the large number of book agents to whom I sent queries, allt of them declining it. I was ready for that. So sad. I know. I know. The list of now famous authors who have been rejected is huge, though the only one I can think of at the top of my head is Dr. Seuss.

Unfortunately every agent lives in New York, New York! How do I expect anyone there to understand my messy-clothes-dirty-fingernails lifestyle? With each rejection, I graciously replied with a "thank you", though not happily.

Long story short is that I finally Ok'd my project with My book or stories is out there! However, I did have some minor changes I thought of making, but felt weren't important enough despite the mild nagging in the back of my brain. (Or was it my gut?) What are the changes? Hell if I'm gonna say. Don't want to bias anyone. Anyway, I was excited to finally be done with that stage, happily sending the single first soft cover copy sent back to me up to my mom and dad in Minnesota.

Ironically, the very next day after giving my OK on the book I received a surprisingly long email from an agent who was declining the project, but had good things to say and advice for improvement. Those spots of improvement were the same ones that have been nagging me. Argh! Oh well, I am still proud of my book of short stories of my sometimes lame life, and am living by my motto: Live life outside your comfort zone.

Buy my book! Let the criticisms begin.

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