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Famous Last Words: Oh Irony, You Are So Right

Pondering the Irony

If you are the handful of people who read the Witty Kitties Inc. newsletter (an OUTSTANDING publication, seriously) you will know I jinxed myself by actually writing about how we are cutting down on cats, and will eventually phase out the shelter over a matter of God-knows-how-long. We still have plenty of cats, and even more than plenty reptiles, so it doesn't seem like much is changing.

However, I wanted people to know the future plans so they don't get shocked later on. I wrote all nostalgically about the wonderful animals and people and experiences, as though I was an 80 year old at an office retirement party.

As I wrote those words, in the back of my mind I kept hearing "Jinx! Ha! You fool, just set yourself up!"

And I did.

Not even a day after submitting my article and proofing it in the newsletter, our amazing editor Trish had that sucker out in the mail in a flash! A single day later I took in 6 abandoned cats. The story behind them is this, in a nutshell (a big nut, by the way):

A wonderful woman in my area rented a farm off a pretty busy highway, less than half a mile from the interstate. On and off, the many cats she fed got hit by cars, ran off, made many babies, etc.... A few humane organizations got together to trap the cats, and have them spayed/castrated and vaccinated. It was a typical scenario, many sheds full of old cans/plate, and many good smells, along with dozens of cats running in and out.

Fast forward a few years to now. She is no longer in the home, and the new owner of the property has razed the house. Not long after, a new cat was found dead on the road. I and a few others paid a visit and began feeding and watering the several cats left behind with no daily rations, something they had grown accustomed to. The new owner was hard to find, and I worried about getting in trouble, as I was ignoring the "no tresspassing" sign each time I fed them. After nagging a sheriff's deputy to come, so I could document the abandoned cats with the county, I got him to visit and acknowledge that yes, they were starving, and that I would be OK in continuing to feed them. And, by the way, try to find that owner.

long story short (big nut, remember?) I discovered the tamer ones slowly became used to to me to the point where I could get them into carriers, and take them back with me. The others with be trapped by another group. All the cats caught so far have FIV, so will be harder to adopt out.

I can't fail to mention that I took in a kit fox who was seen in a local neighborhood running around with a metal can around it's neck. It was finally emaciated and week enough for animal control to capture. I could show pics, but not all of you want to see the result of metal rubbing against tissue for an extended period of time. Her jaw was peeled to the bone on both sides, as where her shoulders. Good news is that the 2 1/2 lb (should be more than twice that) rallied, and actually ate and drank the night of the procedure to take the can off, and debride the area. She continues to do well, and is actually starting to act wilder now that she is healing. I hope the neighborhood will welcome her back, so she needn't be relocated. She is just a baby.

So, Irony, you are a sneaky SOB. I say that even though I know very well you are always lurking around, hoping to sabotage my ideas.

My mom likes to say the following: Want to make God laugh? Make plans.

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